The Top 3 Organic Marijuana fertilizers

As is the case for any other plants or crops, for you to grow potent and healthy marijuana buds, the right nutrients in adequate amounts are absolutely necessary. Giving your weed the right mixture of nutrients is a critical aspect for achieving great yields. Natural fertilizers come in handy as they are often loaded with the three main nutrients cannabis plants require, that is, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. This article we’ve listed the top 3 organic natural marijuana fertilizers you can use with marijuana cultivation:

3. Urine

Yeah, urine. Urine has large amounts of nutrients that can enhance stem and leaf growth of your marijuana. Among them is nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. However, do not pee directly on the plants or the ground near a plant. In its natural form, urine is very potent, and it may kill the plants or live components in the soil. Dilute the urine in water and be sure to use it promptly to avoid the formation of ammonia, which is also harmful.

2. Fish meal and Guano (bat droppings)

Fish meal and guano have a lot of nitrogen, phosphorous, natural salts and other nutrients that marijuana uses to develop healthy, thick buds. Fish meal is usually composed of animal parts, mostly the inedible bits like bones, which have been grounded to form a fine powder. Using fish meal and fish emulsion together produces the best results as the latter often prolongs the release of nutrients. On the other hand, Guano has been known to improve nutrient-deficient soils. Guano can be added to a compost heap or turned into a liquid spray using water. You can choose from Fossilized Seabird Guano, Seabird Guano or Belize Bat Guano.

1. Compost

Among the best ways to make natural Marijuana fertilizers is composting. The easiest way to compost involves collecting all your organic waste, including kitchen waste and plant waste (for example grass clippings, leaves, tomatoes, gone-bad potatoes, etc.) in, say a large container in your backyard or a heap 100 yards from the house. If you choose to use a container, be sure to have several air holes for adequate air circulation. Even as you throw all your plant waste there, as much as possible, avoid dangerous weeds, animal feces, and any meats. As the material accumulates, remember to turn it over regularly using a shovel to ensure good air circulation. Add water to speed up decomposition. After three months, your compost will be fully packed with nutrients ready to be mixed directly into the soil before planting your weed seeds or cuttings.

The Final Note on Organic Fertilizer

It is worth mentioning that while nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are among the primary nutrients that should be available in any Marijuana fertilizers. Cannabis plants, require different ratios of these nutrients in various stages. Early, in the vegetative stage, use natural marijuana fertilizers that will provide a lot of nitrogen and potassium. In the flowering stage, your marijuana will need a lot of phosphorous and potassium. Banana peels are very rich in potassium. You can bury them in the soil or add them to your compost. The right mixture given regularly will produce nice healthy weed, with large buds.

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